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Professional carpet cleaners know that your carpets are exposed to constant wear and tear every day whether it be little footprints scurrying around with uncapped markers, pets with muddy paws or even just daily traffic. Over time, the carpet will absorb stains, dander, dirt and other potentially harmful buildup that becomes difficult to remove. Consulting a expert is the number one way to restore your carpet to it’s former glory and enjoy a safe, happy and HEALTHY home. Here are our top 4 reasons that you should get your carpets professionally cleaned. 

  1. Not all carpet is created equal – before attempting to use any old cleaner in the back of your cupboard, it’s important to know what material your carpet is made as it can be ruined by using unapproved chemicals on it. A professional is trained to know the right product for the right stain on each particular material.
  1. High Quality Equipment – It’s easy to spend hours scrubbing away at an old wine stand with a scrub brush and soap, but the truth is – you don’t have to. Professional carpet cleaners have industrial-strength equipment specially designed to lift stains easily and is more reliable than the DIY pieces available for rent.
  1. Quality is key – if the job isn’t done to your satisfactory, ServiceMaster will do it again. We are committed to doing the job right, each and every time. When attempting to clean your carpets at home, you may not fully remove the stain or there may be a slight yellowing of the carpet. A ServiceMaster professional will make sure that the stain is eliminated.
  1. Speed – Professionals understand the complexity of stains, the multiple types of carpet and the variety of carpet cleaning agents so you don’t have to worry about spending time doing the research. ServiceMaster will have your carpets looking brand new in a matter of hours.

If you’re looking to get your carpet cleaned, you can rely on the professionals at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration. To take advantage of our  special, fall promotion, call us at 717-345-5923 to schedule your appointment and receive $25 off your next carpet cleaning job (limited time offer).