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Sewage Cleanup Services & Sewer Backup Cleaning in York and Gettysburg

Sewage Clean Up Services

A sewage backup contains toxic Category 3 water that can be very dangerous or even deadly to those living or working in the effected environment.

Attempts at salvaging sewage-contaminated carpet and other porous materials can also release extensive amounts of allergens as well as infectious agents. This poses a risk for everybody but especially the elderly, infants, and convalescents.

Bacterial pathogens in sewage can include Salmonella, and E-Coli. Over 100 different viruses can be excreted in human feces and urine and can be found in maniacal sewage, in addition to a variety of fungi and animal and human parasites. The potential adverse health consequences for not treating a sewage back up correctly are numerous and potentially life threatening.

Through the application of anti-microbial, contamination efforts, negative air machines and dehumidification, ServiceMaster will halt the threat this sewage can bring to your family and or employees. The longer a Sewage back up is uncontained the greater the threat to all exposed, don’t delay call ServiceMaster now!

ServiceMaster’s Standards:

  • I.I.C.R.C Certified, Licensed and Insured
  • 24 hour 7 days a week coverage we answer and respond to all calls
  • Our employees are background checked and drug tested
  • ANYTIME * ANYDAY, Water Extraction, Mitigation and Clean–Up
  • Our employees will treat your home with respect and care
  • Commercial Water Extraction, Mitigation and Clean–Up
  • Latest Specialty Equipment Used On Each Loss
  • All work is Guaranteed
  • Water Extraction Processes approved by all Property Insurance Companies

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